Friday, July 15, 2011

Is another Space Race needed?

The world needs another Space Race, for that matter. But what is there to race for? The original Space Race (SR) was a race between the Soviets and the Americans, and the finish line was space. And later, that became Luna, the moon. And now, we have really nothing to reach for.

Maybe Mars, but honestly, what good would that do? It's a most likely lifeless planet. But if that would help fuel another SR, then maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing.

The reason I think another SR is necessary is that the SR revolutionized technology as we know it. It sped up technology, and nearly every technology we use today was the result of the Americans trying to outdo the Soviets and whatnot.

If another SR happened, which this time I assume would be against China, think of all the things that we could accomplish. We could cure cancer. We could develop FTL travel. We could find what every human has thought about at one point or another, and what every human being wishes we would find: extra-terrestrial life.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Haha great! Followed!

  2. Public debts in such countries are the first thing that is needed to be taken care of. Space races can wait I guess

  3. Well yes there is the matter of them having their own problems to deal with, but there are many factors. Right now most countries can't really afford a space race, I think NASA has lost a lot of it's budget recently. For now we should focus on our own planet, and then worry about others. Another factor is that to do this properly, we would already NEED FTL travel, as anywhere worth getting to is so far away it's not worth it, even if you go faster than light. We'd need star Trek style warp factors. I think though that already we do know how to make black holes and wormholes, it's now a matter of being able to choose where they come out. In short, a space race could do a lot for technology, but there are currently so many problems that need to be addressed first.

  4. Space race will really have to wait. All countries are just too strapped for cash right now... well maybe not China... So they can practice for awhile..

  5. Competition leads to innovation! Innovation is great!