Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My thoughts on gay marriage.

I think that we can all agree that the biggest controversy these days is whether homosexuals should be allowed to marry. Religious groups, mostly Christians, for some reason want it to be banned and think that gay people should be punished.

Christians, why? Gay people do not choose to be gay. Did you choose to be attracted to the opposite sex? No! Did you choose to be attracted to red hair or short girls or a certain race of girls? No! It's the same thing with gay people. They are born with their preference, just like you were born with your preferences.

But how does it affect you? If two guys get married, how is that honestly going to have any impact on your life? It has no effect on your life. 

And really, if God is real and doesn't accept gays (which is paradoxical, I'll talk about that in another post), then do you think he's actually going to let them into Heaven? No! 

It effects you none at all. Stop caring so much about how we're finally becoming an equal nation.

Sincerely, a straight guy.


  1. I think that gay marriage is perfectly fine, but adopting a child is still out of question because of problems with upbringing. I hope you know what I mean...

  2. Eh if they want to get married... let em

  3. Agreed with your point!
    following ^^

  4. Marriage should be for Christians. Let those idiots sail their own ship.

  5. Each to their own, I'm in absolutely no position to judge anyone!

  6. I think God does let gay people into Heaven, he's far more likely to keep out the people who bashed gays, and oppressed them, than the gay people themselves. I know several gay people, and I for one would not stand in their way.

  7. Talking about an omnipotent god he is able to like gays, too, of course lol

  8. The war between gay rights movements and Christians has been going for as long as i can remember, i just try to overlook it and leave each to their own.